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Viva la Verde is a conservation film about the Verde River in Arizona. The Verde is one of the last free flowing desert rivers that survives in Arizona and it might be saved by a few productive humans, people just like you and me.

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This year we are taking our feature length documentary film and a 30 minute presentation version on a 100 event tour throughout the American Southwest and beyond. Our events page has all the information to view and or host a screening near you.

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We can and will save the Verde river, but it will be more fun with your help! Have a look at our list of partners. Visit their websites; get involved! This is a volunteer driven film project that has logged more than 5000 volunteer hours. How many hours can you log helping protect the water that brings us all life?

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A lot of organizations care about our water future here in Arizona. I hope you visit their sites and maybe even lend a hand.


Please consider supporting our efforts.