Stewardship begins with Education

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At Hueman Productions, we believe that it is impossible for people to care about a place if they don’t know that place. Before we started making films, we were professional outdoor educators, and we have seen that the best way for people to learn about rivers is to get outside and go visit one. Because we can’t bring everyone to the Verde River, we’ll do our best to bring the lessons we’ve learned to our film screenings across the Southwest.

Learn about the Verde River and the Big Chino Aquifer:


Classroom Education on Water & Rivers


Fun Facts

  1. The Verde river has been flowing in it’s current path for two million years.
  2. Ecologists estimate that in arid landscapes 80% of all wildlife depends on riparian habitats like the Verde River for some or all of their life cycle.
  3. Two percent of the water on earth is glacier ice at the North and South Poles. This ice is fresh water and could be melted; however, it is too far away from where people live to be usable. Less than 1% of all the water on earth is freshwater that we can actually use.
  4. Rule of threes states that the average person in an extreme situation can survive about +- 3 min w/o air, +-3 hrs w/o shelter, +-3 days w/o water & +-3 weeks w/o food
  5. The minimum requirement for potable water recommended by the World Health Organization is 20 liters per citizen per day (5.3 gallons per citizen per day)
  6. The average citizen in Phoenix, Arizona uses over 150 gallons per day!
  7. By being careful with their water use, some Arizona residents live comfortably on 20 gallons per day.
  8. People living in modern suburban homes in Los Angeles have documented living on as little as 2.5 gpcd while maintaining a relatively comfortable standard of living.
  9. Think there isn't enough rain? A one-inch rainfall will collect 600 gallons from a 1,000 square foot roof, while 4,500 square foot lot will receive 2,800 gallons!
  10. Arizona receives a statewide average of 7.11 inches of precipitation per year
  11. 98% of the precipitation that falls annually is evaporated and only 2% soaks in to become groundwater.

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