About the Film

VIVA LA VERDE is an independent documentary film seven years in the making. It explores the past, present and future of Arizona rivers, using the foremost surviving perennial river in Arizona, The Verde River, as a case study. It combines amazing wildlife photos and video with educational animated sequences, expert interviews, and an original soundtrack. This film sends a strong message of stewardship for wildlife, rivers, and water resources, and offers clear, solution-driven opportunities for citizens to get involved and help to preserve and restore our rivers.

Although more than 90% of the river habitat in Arizona is already gone and what remains is threatened, there is still hope for the Verde river and other rivers like it. Viva la Verde reminds us time is running out and we must make a choice TODAY. We can continue the flawed strategies of the past and watch the Verde River dry up, or we change our water management practices and ensure that the Verde and other rivers keep flowing long into the future. Local, regional and national organizations are working to protect the Verde River and they need your help. Watch the full 58 minute film to learn real solutions that anyone can do to help overcome the growing problems of water scarcity and environmental water rights.

We choose Viva la Verde and hope you do too. Long live the Verde river!

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